Integral to our success is our Quality policy, which emphasizes on quality planning, quality systems and a quality assurance. Quality planning involves preparation of detailed inspection and testing plans for all the components, equipments and other processes prior to acceptance. It involves quality surveillance procedures, integrating special instruments for testing wherever necessary and developing quality audits.

Quality systems comprise all elements in the quality control effort.
To provide a total quality assurance, the supplies are purchased from the original manufacturer and authorized distributors only. Moreover, drawing on our International experience, we have evolved our own quality control and safety procedures. These specify hundreds of checkpoints at the inspection, storage, installation, testing, pre commissioning and handing over stages.

MONDAY, APRIL 08, 2013

We have just test charged successfully 2x220KV Bays at Parli TPS S/S for MSETCL by using HOT TAPING method to connect the existing bus with the new bays."