EPC, Electrical, HVAC, DG Sets, Transmission & Distribution, Low Voltage Systems, and maintenance


SL NO. Owner or sponsoring organization Name of work / project and location
1 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Power Distribution for Computer Racks at 1st Floor, Super Computing Facility at BARC, Trombay, Mumbai-85
2 Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Uran Replacement of PMCCs/PCCs at ONGC, Uran Plant
3 DCSEM Mumbai Bienni operation & comprehensive maintenance of HT/LT electrical distribution systems, DG sets & maintenance of induction motor & starters under GSS/DCS&EM atAnushaktinagar, New Mandala & Old Mandala, TMC/TIFR, Paylipada colonies & T.V stores, Mumbai.
4 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Operation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical utility equipments including 33 KV sub-station at EBC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
5 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Setting up of Unitized Sub-Station, Providing DG, UPS, Power Panels, Power, control & data cabling, earthing, Fire Alarm System, PA system, Physical Protection system, BMS and HVAC system for North Gate Portal, Phase-II, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai
6 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 22/11 KV 16 & 10 MVA Transformers and associated works for 22 KV main substation BARC, Trombay, Mumbai -85
7 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Construction of RCC foundation, roads and other development works for 22 KV main "sub-station at North Site, BARC, "
8 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Comprehensive maintenance of HT and LT switchgear panels and bus ducts at Various sub stations in BARC, Trombay, Mumbai.
9 MSETCL Pune Zone supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 1 Number of 132 KV bay at 132 KV Karjat Sub-station, District Solapur
10 MSETCL Pune Zone Supply,Erection & Commissioning of 220 KV&132 KV TBC & BC bays at 220 kV Jeur S/stn. Dist. Solapur.
11 Bhabha Atomic Rearch Center, Mumbai. Augmentation and UP gradation of Electrical systems at Hall no.5 & Engineering Hall Substation at BARC, North site, Trombay, Mumbai-85.
12 MSETCL Pune Zone Supply, Erection, & Commissioning of 1 X 25 MVA, 100 / 22 KV, Transformer with 4 x 22 KV Bays at 100KV Pawananager Sub-station, Dist. Pune.
13 Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Corporation Limted Supply, Erection, & Commissioning of 1 X 100 MVA, 220/132 KV., lCT Including shifting of 132 KV Bay at 220 KV, Baramati Sub-station, Dist. Pune.

MONDAY, APRIL 08, 2013

We have just test charged successfully 2x220KV Bays at Parli TPS S/S for MSETCL by using HOT TAPING method to connect the existing bus with the new bays.